【YW 永威】
Everyone has his or her own story, so does YW.

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YW found himself in deep depression after he lost his beloved mother and sister in 2 years, so he decided to go on the journey crossing US by bicycle alone. Before that, he’d never done any cycling tour in any trip. The courage was growing very quickly from his sadness and depression of lost.


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It took 108 days to complete the journey, most of the time YW faced the loneliness in the trip however the feeling of missing his beloved family was much stronger than ever. 「Riding on the trip arranged from Angel」is the book name, and he mentioned many times in the book that this trip is truly arranged by his beloved family. The people he met during the journey, shared together the feeling of lost. The more he shared, he found his more comforted.

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  In the end of the journey, he instead thinks this trip is the gift from his mother & sister. He is finally released from the sadness and being more positive to the life. As he’d ever said in the book 「Death is not the destination but another beginning. Life is meaningful and lessoned as long as we look behind the things.」


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