【Jack Wang 洪川】
The first time to meet Jack, it was heavy rain at Jack’s new book release but still there were some more people trying to squeeze in even the room was already crowded with people. He spoke smoothly with not very much emotion but in a sincere way just like a close friend eagerly wanted to share what he had seen in the journey.


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『Seeking Aurora』 is the title of his new book, the reason he stepped on this journey is not simply to seek for magical aurora but more is the promise to his father who loved traveling by motorcycle passed away before he left for this trip. Therefore he carried the promise to his dear father and went on the trip, alone in the winter.


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He had ever said that he really doesn’t like to talk too much about “dream” as if you don’t make it happen, the dream is always a dream from all your thoughts. People love to talk about their dream and you can also see the passion through their eyes when they are talking, but unfortunately only a few of them really realize it. Jack doesn’t take much but he does a lot.


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 「Is there anything you’re willing to spend your whole lifetime to do?」Jack asked and answered himself 「Cycle touring maybe, this is the thing that I’m going to spend my whole lifetime for!」






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